Go-to-market Service

Our vision is to build a formidable ecosystem of vibrant and robust tech startups while taking the region’s entrepreneurial leadership and influence to a whole new level.

At ParticleX, we’re passionate about turning promising early-stage technology startups into industry leaders. With a strong focus on companies with solid business models and large Total Addressable Markets (TAM), our comprehensive suite of services will fuel your growth and help you reach your full potential.

  • 1. Seed Capital – Secure the funding you need to kickstart your venture
  • 2. Tech Breakthroughs – Collaborate with InfleXion Lab to overcome challenges and accelerate growth
  • 3. Strategic Reinvention – Refine your business strategies and connect with the right resources
  • 4. Talent Matchmaking – Find the perfect candidates to strengthen your team
  • 5. Partner & Resource Synergy – Connect with strategic partners, mentors, and resources to collaborate, grow, and succeed
  • 6. Events & Networking Opportunities – Match startups with venture capitalists, incubators, and the right corporate clients to evaluate procurement, incubation, and investment opportunities.

ParticleX is a tremendous value-add investor, and operates as a true partner. The team has been invaluable in providing strategic advice and making introductions to business and research partners, and they truly understand deep-tech startups. It's been fantastic having ParticleX on our team.

— Jose Amich, Co-Founder and CEO | Zeta Surgical
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ParticleX provides us mentorship and many valuable insights and advice in business development and planning. Their guidance from investor is very important for us and we are glad to have ParticleX being our investor at an accelerating stage.

— Chilam Lam, CEO & Cofounder | Spaceship
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ParticleX is very helpful for technology firms which are at the accelerating stage. We have benefited from a full range of support from the seed funding, technology advancement, professional advice and matching resources, etc. Enabling us to expand our business not only in Hong Kong but also in the Greater Bay Area and the APAC region.

— Harris Sun, Co-Founder | RaSpect Intelligence Inspection
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We are grateful and honoured to be part of ParticleX. Everything with ParticleX started and went naturally and smoothly from a mentoring relationship. You would see them treating themselves as part of your team and put in their deep thoughts together with you, helping you to think big, be focus, and bring disruption to the market. They took every chance to introduce you to stakeholders of the startup community and whatever connections that could help you grow. It's touching and warm to see their support in nearly every pitching event I attended locally. We are like a family.

— Joe Mak, Founder | ANIWARE
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ParticleX gives us lots of media exposure opportunities as well as business leads. They also provide us mentorship and support us in our business development and direction. We are very fortunate to have an investor like ParticleX.

— Ivan Ho, Co-Founder | Move It - Eggplant Technologies
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Is ParticleX the right investor for me?

Contact us now to find out more. We will answer any questions.

  • What are we looking for?


    Early Stage round latest technology startups with:

    - Seed to Pre-A round tech-base startups
    - All-round management team
    - Strong business model
    - Some early Proof of Concept (POC)
    - Scalable products or services with uniqueness
    - Large/Big enough Total Addressable Market (TAM)
    - Well thought out Go-To-Market (GTM) strategy

  • Which investment areas do we focus on?


    Big Data
    Internet of things
    Energy, water and biotech
    Not limited to above, you may contact us if you need further information.

  • How is our investment structured?


    Flexible Investment Structure: We understand that every startup is unique, and our flexible investment structure is tailored to your company's specific strategy and potential.

  • If I have previously received funding and am in an incubation programme, can I still apply?


    Yes, you can apply. Our primary selection criteria are the founder's potential and the business area.

  • If I am not based in Hong Kong, can I still apply?


    Yes, you can still apply if you are not based in Hong Kong.

  • What is the deadline for submitting an application?


    There is no hard deadline. We review applications on an ongoing basis based on the availability of our investment team.

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