About Us

ParticleX: Igniting Innovation
ParticleX, short for Particle Accelerator, takes inspiration from the world of physics where particles are accelerated and collide at unimaginable speeds. These high-velocity collisions lead to groundbreaking scientific discoveries, unearthing new building blocks and propelling science and technology into a new era.

Our mission at ParticleX is to provide the same hyper-acceleration to tech startups, sparking collisions with various aspects of the field to generate new leads, concepts, and technological advancements. The result? Disruptive businesses, innovative technologies, and a thriving startup ecosystem that pushes the boundaries of the future.

From Local to Global: Particle Accelerator Limited
ParticleX is a Hong Kong-based tech startup investor and innovation enabler. By combining network, capital, and research resources, we accelerate the pace of technological innovation and assist early-stage startups in seizing cross-border opportunities throughout Asia. Our focus lies in disruptive technologies and the application of innovation across various business processes.

Cultivating the Next Generation: Shine Works Investment Limited
Established by Mr. Tang Yiu, the founder of renowned retail enterprise Belle International, Shine Works is committed to promoting entrepreneurship, supporting innovative business ideas, and cultivating a new generation of technology-driven enterprises with global ambitions. Drawing on the unique advantages of Hong Kong and Shenzhen, Mr. Tang Yiu’s experience and success serve as a testament to the rapid growth and transformation of both cities.

Fostering Collaboration: InfleXion Lab
Funded by Shine Works Investment Limited, InfleXion Lab integrates the network of Tsinghua Shenzhen International Graduate School with the resources of Shine Works to promote research collaboration between enterprises and universities. By fostering the industrialization of scientific research and introducing innovative technologies from around the world to the Greater Bay Area, InfleXion Lab aims to create a thriving hub for innovation and collaboration.