About Us

ParticleX is a Startup Particle Accelerator

ParticleX is our abbreviation for Particle Accelerator. In a particle accelerator experiment, the constituent elements of our physical world are accelerated and collide at unimaginably high speeds. The results of these collisions led to important scientific breakthroughs, the discovery of new elementary building blocks, and ushered science and technology into a new era.

We seek to provide the same hyper-acceleration to tech startups, colliding them with different aspects of the field, in order to generate new leads, concepts, and technological development. The results of these collisions will give us disruptive businesses and technologies, a discovery of new prospects, and bring the startup ecosystem around the region into the bright and uncharted horizon.

From Local to Global: Particle Accelerator Limited

Particle Accelerator Limited (ParticleX) was founded in late 2017 by Shine Works. ParticleX is a startup accelerator headquartered in Shenzhen focusing on the latest in technology trends. ParticleX fosters a vibrant startup ecosystem by bringing together early-staged capital, market expertise, research capabilities, and multitalented individuals. Utilizing the distinct geographical advantages of Hong Kong and Shenzhen, ParticleX elevates the region’s entrepreneurial leadership and influence to a whole new level.


Cultivating the Next Generation: Shine Works Investment Limited

Shine Works was established by Mr. Tang Yiu, founder of well-known retail enterprise Belle International. Mr. Tang Yiu founded his business in Hong Kong during his early years and expanded into China through his base in Shenzhen. Mr. Tang Yiu’s achievements serve as a testament to the rapid growth and transformation of both Hong Kong and Shenzhen. With that experience, Shine Works sets out with a mission to promote entrepreneurship, support innovative business ideas, and most importantly, cultivate a new generation of technology-driven enterprises with global ambitions riding on Hong Kong and Shenzhen’s unique advantages.

Fostering Collaboration: InfleXion Lab at Tsinghua Shenzhen International Graduate School

Funded by Shine Works Investment Limited, InfleXion Lab integrates the network of Tsinghua Shenzhen International Graduate School into the field of scientific research and the resources of Shine Works. InfleXion Lab promotes research collaboration between enterprises and universities, fosters the industrialization of scientific research, and introduces innovative technologies from around the world to the Greater Bay Area.