Zeta Surgical, co-founders Jose Amich and Raahil Sha, being selected for the prestigious Forbes 30 under 30

Congratulations to our portfolio company, Zeta Surgical, and its co-founders Jose Amich and Raahil Sha, on being selected for the prestigious Forbes 30 under 30 North America list 2024!

Zeta Surgical has made significant strides in the healthcare industry with their innovative computer vision-based robotics system designed to assist surgical procedures. Their first device received FDA clearance in September 2023, and it has already been adopted by renowned institutions such as Brigham and Women’s Hospital at Harvard and the National Neuroscience Institute in Singapore.

We are proud to see Zeta Surgical’s achievements recognized on such a prominent platform. This is not the first time that ParticleX portfolio companies have received such accolades. In the past, we have celebrated the inclusion of Gense Technologies‘ Co-Founder, Justin Pak Heng Chan (Class of 2020), Dayta AI‘s three co-founders, Patrick TuAlex Chu, and Eugene Ho (Under 30 Class of 2021), Butlr‘s two co-founders, Honghao Deng and Jiani Zeng (Under 30 Class of 2022), and 點單 DimOrder‘s co-founder Wing LiuHypotenuse AI‘s co-founder Joshua Wong and Low Lin-Hui (Lin) (Under 30 Class of 2023) on the Forbes 30 under 30 list.

These achievements are a testament to the exceptional talent and groundbreaking innovations within our portfolio. We are committed to supporting these visionary entrepreneurs as they continue to make significant contributions to their respective industries.

Congratulations once again to Zeta Surgical, Jose Amich, Raahil Sha and their whole team on this well-deserved recognition!

About Zeta Surgical:

Zeta Surgical is a digital surgery company focused on improving the accuracy, safety and accessibility of image guided surgery. Its navigation and robotics platform Zeta leverages cutting-edge computer vision and artificial intelligence to unlock the use of image guidance directly at the point-of-care, enabling new possibilities in fields such as emergency care and interventional medicine. Zeta Surgical was founded by Harvard graduates and faculty and is partnered with leading hospitals and universities.

Website: http://zetasurgical.com.