Proud to announce the recent expansion of our portfolio of companies.

We are proud to announce the recent expansion of our portfolio of companies. We welcome 5 newcomers – Crown Digital IOCUSTONOMY.IOFit3DMotionsCloud and n-hop technologies to our family. With all our portfolio companies, we do whatever is needed to see them succeed.

1. Crown Digital IO
Crown Digital is a smart retail solutions provider born from a desire to innovate digital solutions for common frustrations faced by F&B operators and retailers. Leveraging on robotics, artificial intelligence and data analytics, Crown Digital with a mission to digitalise and empower traditional businesses using leading-edge technology.

Custonomy was founded by a group of cryptographic, digital customer experience and enterprise solution expert focusing on applying cryptographic technologies to blockchain security. Custonomy offers a groundbreaking enterprise key management solution which is not only improving the enterprise digital asset security with granular access control mathematically built in, it also enables enterprises to innovate with value-added customer services and keep pace with rapid technical changes.

3. Fit3D
Fit3D provides a suite of 3D body scanning products to the health, wellness, as well as apparel and retail industries which are designed to help people understand their body health in ways never before available.

4. MotionsCloud
MotionsCloud helps property and vehicle insurers to streamline and automate claims processes through mobile self-service, artificial intelligence (#AI computer vision technologies) damage evaluation, and live video inspection technologies modules which can plug into existing claims systems. The solution reduces claims cycle time from days to hours, reduces claims processing cost up to 75%, and improves the customer claims experience.

5. n-hop technologies
n-hop technologies has developed BATS, a revolutionary communication technology based on the fundamental research. The BATS technology can improve data integrity and fidelity. It can be applied to all forms of communications devices and networks including IoTs, routers, video streamers, power line communications, satellite communications, underwater communications, V2X, 5G, etc.

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