Alphaa is a B2B platform connecting companies to visual art brings NFTs to the real world through education, B2B initiatives and an easy and secure interface.

  • Date 2014
  • Stage of Funding Angel Round
  • Location USA
  • Segment Art, Blockchain
  • Founder Manuela Seve, Renata Thomé
  • Website

alpha’a – The world’s largest virtual gallery collection, Alpha’a holds no inventory, allowing us to reduce overhead costs that are usually included in charges to the client. Additionally, our crowd-sourced and pre-curated platform provides artwork directly to the purchaser

Our platform allows collectors to choose paintings and 3D sculpture artwork from a great variety of options, including regional focus, subject matter and site utilization, as well as traditional color, size, framing and footprint of the work.

Created with the some long-term preservation standards of museum quality materiais, our artwoks far surpass that of any competitor, differentiating our fine art from that of mass-produced commercial and poster art. is the most recent venture of Alpha’a Inc, one stop shop for businesses and creators to issue NFTs for digital and real-world assets. With over 7,000 artists in the portfolio of the company’s original business. Artists and collectors (institutions, galleries, museums, etc.) can use to authenticate, certify, and transfer ownership of digital and physical artworks via tokenization (NFTs).