B2B platform connecting companies to visual art

  • Date 2014
  • Stage of Funding Angel Round
  • Location USA
  • Segment Art, B2B, Market Place
  • Founder Manuela Seve, Renata Thomé
  • Website

The world’s largest virtual gallery collection, Alpha’a holds no inventory, allowing us to reduce overhead costs that are usually included in charges to the client. Additionally, our crowd-sourced and pre-curated platform provides artwork directly to the purchaser

Our platform allows collectors to choose paintings and 3D sculpture artwork from a great variety of options, including regional focus, subject matter and site utilization, as well as traditional color, size, framing and footprint of the work.

Created with the some long-term preservation standards of museum quality materiais, our artwoks far surpass that of any competitor, differentiating our fine art from that of mass-produced commercial and poster art.