Founded in December 2014, AMPD Energy (“AMPD or the Company”) positions itself as a battery- focused, clean energy solutions provider for Commercial and Industrial customer segments, which specializes in designing, engineering and manufacturing of battery energy storage systems. Initially the Company focused on the provision of UPS/backup power for commercial/enterprise and industrial applications using battery systems, it is now focusing on building larger lithium-ion batteries that aims to replace diesel generators used to power construction sites, and to support the electrification of construction projects.

Silo, Enercore and Enertainer. Silo is a single-cabinet lithium-ion UPS system for mission critical systems in commercial, enterprise and light industrial applications. Enercore is a Lithium-ion Battery Module (battery cell plus management system). Enertainer (which is a construction energy hub) is an all-in-one container for commercial & industrial energy storage applications or as a diesel generator substitute in weak- or off-grid areas. The Company has 6 patents/ patent applications and received the UL 1973 Safety Certification (for the Batteries for Use in Light Electric Rail (LER) Applications and Stationary Applications).