Ampd Energy

Ampd Energy is a specialty energy storage system manufacturer for ‘high risk, but low risk appetite’ commercial and industrial applications.

  • Date 2014
  • Stage of Funding Early
  • Location Hong Kong
  • Segment Energy
  • Founder Brandon Ng and Luca Valente
  • Website

Founded in December 2014, AMPD Energy (“AMPD or the Company”) positions itself as a battery- focused, clean energy solutions provider for Commercial and Industrial customer segments, which specializes in designing, engineering and manufacturing of battery energy storage systems. Initially the Company focused on the provision of UPS/backup power for commercial/enterprise and industrial applications using battery systems, it is now focusing on building larger lithium-ion batteries that aims to replace diesel generators used to power construction sites, and to support the electrification of construction projects.

Company is raising a USD 2.5 million Pre-A Round for its business development in the coming 15 months. Of particularly important to fund the R&D, sales and marketing of the Entertainer (50% of the funding), plus, as for daily working capital (16%) and CapEx (22%). The Company aimed at using the fund to produce and deliver 22-24 Entertainers, scale up the 300kVA & 400 kVA models and reduce the manufacturing cost.

Brandon Ng, CEO & Co-founder, oversees all non-engineering functions at AMPD Energy. During AMPD Energy first two years, Brandon was heavily involved in the technical development of the underlying technologies which underpin AMPD Energy’s Enercore battery module platform today, although he has gradually his engineering responsibilities from 2017. Brandon has an engineering background, having received a first-class honors master’s degree in chemical engineering from Imperial College London in 2009.

Luca Valente, CTO & Co-founder, oversees all engineering and manufacturing functions at AMPD Energy. Luca received his Master’s in degree in Mechanical Engineering from the PUC-Rio and had worked in various engineering roles at MAN (Volkswagen) and at Embraer. Brandon and Luca ‘s first cooperation started with ElectroForce Motors, which producing electric motorcycles.

Silo, Enercore and Enertainer. Silo is a single-cabinet lithium-ion UPS system for mission critical systems in commercial, enterprise and light industrial applications. Enercore is a Lithium-ion Battery Module (battery cell plus management system). Enertainer (which is a construction energy hub) is an all-in-one container for commercial & industrial energy storage applications or as a diesel generator substitute in weak- or off-grid areas. The Company has 6 patents/ patent applications and received the UL 1973 Safety Certification (for the Batteries for Use in Light Electric Rail (LER) Applications and Stationary Applications). The Battery Management System (BMS) is the key component of Enercore, which can help to reduce the BMS board cost from USD 125 to USD 50.