FoodTech / BioTech

Avant Meats

Using state-of-the-art cultivation processes that are sustainable and scalable, Avant brings you only the finest of authentic and nutritious fish products.

  • Date 2018
  • Stage of Funding A-Round
  • Location Hong Kong
  • Segment Food & Skin Care
  • Founder Carrie Chan, Dr. Mario Chin
  • Website

In the news

Avant is the first cultivated meat company in Greater China and the first cultivated fish company in Asia. Avant’s technology offers a system to produce nutritious, tasty fish and functional marine proteins directly from fish cells at economically viable costs. The group’s end-to-end technology platform also allows continuous new product development from scratch all the way to production.  Avant aims to be a global leader in producing traceable and sustainably cultivated proteins in a fully contained environment for food, skincare, and functional applications. Founded in 2018, Avant now has a presence in Singapore and Greater China. Avant has also been awarded Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum and featured in Reuters, Forbes, Financial Times, TIME, The Telegraph, South China Morning Post, and CCTV.