An institutional grade crypto-asset key management solution secured by state-of-art cryptography with granular access control mathematically built in.

  • Date 2020
  • Stage of Funding Angel Round
  • Location Hong Kong
  • Segment Digital Asset
  • Founder Annie Hui, Calvin Choy, Keith Hung, Raymond Lam
  • Website

Custonomy was founded by a group of cryptographic, digital customer experience and enterprise solution experts. We are focused on applying cryptographic technologies to blockchain security. Custonomy offers a groundbreaking enterprise key management solution which is not only improving the enterprise digital asset security with granular access control mathematically built in, it also enables enterprises to innovate with value-added customer services and keep pace with rapid technical changes.

When companies deal with self-storage and private keys there are no resets, a lost key is gone forever. Many crypto asset hacking incidents in the past few years have highlighted that the domain expertise it takes to build crypto custody solutions, and design effective governance controls, is not commonplace in the traditional financial services industry.

Different processes and assumptions are needed to design custody solutions for digital-only assets. Cryptocurrencies are created and managed using specialized technologies that come with their own unique considerations for their storage and security. Users should be aware they may encounter several challenges.

In view of this, Custonomy provides another option in managing the key, by using our key management solution, we allow enterprises to co-manage their keys with multiple parties, both internal and external. With this new way, enterprises can manage their key as well as enjoy the governance processes that imposed by third party custodian and retain their autonomy.