Kinexcs is an AI-driven digital therapy platform & wearables company enabling and empowering people for mobility and better quality of life.

  • Date 2015
  • Stage of Funding Pre-A Round
  • Location Singapore
  • Segment AI, Machine Learning, IoT
  • Founder Abhishek Agrawal
  • Website

KIMIA Recover is a post-surgical monitoring product comprising of a smart wearable sensor device built upon patented and proprietary sensing technologies which allows remote monitoring of joint condition and for providing live feedback to patients on a regular basis. It also includes an AI-based digital therapist that provides guided at-home exercises, image analysis algorithms used for detection of wound infection, excessive discharge or bleeding during the post-surgical recovery period. The product comprises a device worn on the lateral side of the knee joint, and a mobile application providing continuous monitoring data around joint health to both patients and clinicians.