MotionsCloud is an inspectech/insurtech company that helps vehicle/property insurers, fleet operators, and claims managements to streamline & automate claims processes using AI computer vision, augmented reality and IoT tech. MotionsCloud addresses poor customer claims experiences, long claims cycle time, lack of transparency & overview customer claims journey, complex and tedious claims processes and huge operation cost to process claims.

This is accomplished via the following 4 modules.

M1: IoT connectivity module to get 1st insight of the vehicle through sensors.

M2: An augmented reality mobile web app for /drivers to perform a simple self-inspection of their vehicle.

M3: An AI computer vision tech module to scan and analyze photos taken from module 2, which in turn generates a damage assessment report in minutes.

M4: A remote live video inspection module for more complicated claims in which an expert can perform remote claims and inspections via the mobile web app together with the consumer/ property managers/ driver.