New Retail


Snaptee is a brand that believes everyone should be able to create one’s own custom T-shirts. You can easily try this on our kiosk, or even on your mobile phone!

  • Date 2013
  • Stage of Funding Early
  • Location Hong Kong
  • Segment New Retail
  • Founder Wai-Lun HONG
  • Website

Founded in Hong Kong in 2013, Snaptee believes Uniqueness is a growing trend that personalized product will get into mainstream. By deploying Snaptee App and Kiosks, we are building a new retail model of consumer T-shirt.

Snaptee aims at building the next generation retailing concept backed by personalization and AI technologies and using this new concept to grow Snaptee to a leading apparel brand

Be the next generation of T-shirt retail, Snaptee kiosks bring in new values and omni-channel shopping experiences.

1. Creative revolution
Provide personalization at retail
2. Interactive retail experience
Think Game/Interactive retailing
3. AI-driven recommendation
Facial data and customer profiling
4. Zero inventory
Zero write-off and zero waste
5. High scalability
Capital efficient
6. High shop floor efficiency
Small footprint, high sales / sq. ft.

Kiosks deployment has been started in HK. Pilot project has been done in Japan with Tsutaya and planned to kick-start in 2020, and planning to deploy 500 kiosks in Japan in 2 years.