The Project Exchange Meeting of InfleXion Lab at Tsinghua SIGS Benefits Tech Start-ups

On November 7th, the first project meeting of InfleXion Lab was held at Tsinghua Shenzhen International Graduate School (SIGS). The meeting allows for professors and graduates to present projects and exchange ideas,

InfleXion Lab became established just last year on July 10th, 2018. The lab focuses on artificial intelligence, big data, robotics, and blockchain technology. The company partners with Shine Works and ParticleX to promote the industrialization of related scientific research results. Also, they work to accelerate the global innovation undertaking in the Greater Bay area of Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macao.

InfleXion Lab has carried out five research projects since becoming established. Four research projects were with the cooperation of start-ups in addition to a generalized research project.

The Guests in Attendance

There were many leaders of InfleXion Lab, ParticleX, and more at the first project exchange meeting. Many representatives from investment companies and start-ups attended the meeting as well.

Many attendees include:

  • Clement Tang – Director of InfleXion Lab Management Committee, Founder ad CEO of Le Tote (China), and Founding Partner of ParticleX
  • Jiang Yong – Director of Science and Technology department of Tsinghua SIGS and Vice Director of the InfleXion Lab Management Committee
  • Yang Shiqiang – Vice Director of InfleXion Lab Advisory Committee
  • Xia Shutao – Vice Director of Information and Technology division of Tsinghua SIGS
  • Wang Zhi – Director of InfleXion Lab
Group Photo

Structure of the Project Exchange Meeting

The meeting consisted of three sessions where an introduction for InfleXion Lab is given, the project presentations, and then discussions of the lab’s future.

The introduction consisted of the Director of the lab highlighting the company’s intentions of filing the gap between research and practical application, tackling the difficulties of science and technology for start-ups, and promoting the application of advanced scientific technology.

Wang Zhi – Director of InfleXion Lab

The project presentations allowed professors and graduates to explain their research to further discuss related key technologies. There were four presentations that covered the following:

  • Computer vision for clothing recognition
  • Automatic relation extraction of massive venture capital data
  • Summary scoring
  • Automatic abstraction algorithms for academic papers in various fields such as clothing, fitness equipment, finance, media, and more
The Final Session

The final session was an intense discussion about the future of the lab. The Director of the InfleXion Lab Management Committee summarized that a formal research system will allow InfleXion Lab to integrate the scientific search results to serve more start-up companies. Representatives of start-ups shared in the discussion on how beneficial the lab has been with their cooperation and they hope more graduate students can join their companies as interns so that graduate students can have more opportunities to apply their basic research in the commercial world.