Farm66 is an indoor planting company in Hong Kong, which focuses on “Aquaponics” & organic farming with “Wavelength Technology”. The Company creates a symbiotic relationship between fish and plants by using an ‘aquaponic’ system. Traditional agriculture methods are facing challenges in food crisis, extreme weathers and pest invasions and thus depriving stable supply of agricultural products. Some artificial fertilizers have diminishing returns and there are more expensive and greater environmental costs for little benefit. Many farming methods have led to deforestation and cutting down trees. Solution: The company provides Indoor aquaponics farming eco-system by implementation of “Multi-layer Vertical Planting Structure”, “Soilless Hydroponics Farming Technique”, “Indoor Aquaponics Farming Eco-system” and “Energy-efficient LED Wavelength Farming”.

Business Model
Mainly B2B market, Farm66 is principally engaged in growing, processing and sales of agricultural products, and consultancy services for farming systems. The Company provide fresh and organic vegetables to mid-to-high-end market segments i.e. supermarkets, coffee shops, restaurants and airlines.

Farm66’s factory-type urban farming system successfully registered a patent in HK. Indoor aquaponics farming eco-system makes vegetables grow more naturally and healthy without the use of any artificial fertilizers. The usual growth cycle of veggies are from 55 to 35 days, which is reliable and stable as compared to traditional farming. Farm66 has been actively doing researches and has a good knowledge in growing a different variety of herbs and fruits.

Mr. Gordon Tam, Co-Founder and Managing & Project Director, focusing on the overall design of system in plants factory, launching of spectrum planting; former Architectural Designer, international architect firm; M.Sc., Sustainable Urban Development, Hong Kong Polytechnic University; Committee member of Federation of Hong Kong Agricultural Associations.
Mr. Billy Lam, Co-Founder & Operation Director, Extensive experience in product quality and standards; former Flagship Store Manager, multinational coffee chain store; B. Sc., Applied Chemistry, Hong Kong City University. Committee member of Urban Agricultural Technology Association.